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Craigslist Chesapeake 

An independent city of the state Virginia located in the South Hampton Road Region is known in the name of Chesapeake .City consist of urban area, wetland and forestland. Total area of the city is 350.9 sq mile .Chesapeake is among the largest cities of the state Virginia in term of land .Increasing population of the city is dangerous for the forests and natural life .Adjacent cities of the Chesapeake are Portsmouth Virginia ,Norfolk Virginia and Virginia Beach Virginia .Most interesting places in the city are Chesapeake Arboretum ,Dismal Swamp Canal and Chesapeake and Albernale Canal .

City has a diverse economy .Banking, finance, healthcare, education, commerce and trade play an important role in the city .Most of the transportation in and out of the city is through rail .Some well known companies of the USA have its offices in the Chesapeake.

Chesapeake is a home of large number of school and colleges. In the schools, private and public schools are included which are providing the standard education to the citizens.

Chesapeake is a place of beautiful parks, museums and other places of attraction for the tourists.
Chesapeake is home of media networks and telecommunication .Large number of newspapers are daily published from the Chesapeake include Virginian Pilot and Hampton Road Business Journal .Beside daily newspaper daily magazines are also publslihed from the Chesapeake .Many televisions networks are also working in the city including WGNT Broadcasting service ,WSky broadcasting service and many more channels .
In short Chesapeake is a beautiful city according to the land and weather .City is a place of schools and colleges ,markets and health care centers .City has modern facilities of media and transportation .After reading the above mentioned information’s what are your comments about the city. Whether you say that Chesapeake is a best city for your living?


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